For over twenty years, Ted Shouse has defended the rights, liberty and even the lives of people charged with crimes in Kentucky.

Theodore S. “Ted” Shouse is known for his passion, commitment and persistence in defending people against criminal charges in both state and federal court throughout Kentucky. He has successfully represented people at all levels of the criminal justice process: in pre-charge investigations; at trial; on appeal; and, in post-conviction proceedings. He is the only lawyer in Kentucky to have freed a man from Kentucky’s death row by proving that the prosecutor withheld evidence that would have been helpful to the defense. He is the former directing attorney of the Kentucky Innocence Project, and in that role he proved that his client served eleven years for a crime he did not commit. For his work he has been recognized by his peers as one of Louisville’s Top Lawyers in Louisville Magazine.

Mr. Shouse’s office is in Louisville, and he regularly represents people in Jefferson County, but he also regularly defends clients in state and federal courts throughout Kentucky. He is known throughout Kentucky for his aggressive defense of his clients.

Mr. Shouse understands that no two clients are alike and that there is no substitute for listening to the needs of the client and then tailoring a litigation plan to meet those needs.

Legal Services

The law office of Ted Shouse is a client-centered operation. If your liberty and reputation are at stake he will leave no stone unturned in representing you – no matter the situation. He has successfully persuaded investigating agencies not to bring charges against clients. He has successfully represented thousands of clients at the trial level, winning acquittals before juries and settling cases to clients’ advantage. He has argued appellate cases before both the Kentucky Court of Appeals and the Kentucky Supreme Court and he has represented clients in post-conviction matters in both state and federal court.

Mr. Shouse has represented people from all walks of life. While based in Louisville, Mr. Shouse knows, and is known by, prosecutors and judges throughout the state.

Mr. Shouse will craft a specific litigation plan for your case after first listening to you and thoroughly investigating your case. He has a proven track record of success in representing persons accused of crimes.

The office is small for a reason. Personal service is the key to successful representation. Mr. Shouse often creates a team of experienced professionals (investigator, co-counsel, technology experts) for cases so that individualized resources can be brought to bear for the client. Persistence, innovation and passion are the hallmarks of our office.

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Press Coverage
Ditch the ‘snitch’? Louisville murder case renews informant debate

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) – It was an emotionally raw moment in a city that had already experienced a record-setting number of murders.

Lt. Emily McKinley, head of the Louisville Metro Police Department’s Homicide Unit, cried as she described in vivid detail how a 5-year-old boy was found standing next to a dying man he called dad just days before Christmas in 2016.

Two men were later arrested and charged with the Dec. 17, 2016 shooting death of 51-year-old George Robert Brown – and the case against alleged gunman Isaiah Jenkins seemed to be strengthened by an eyewitness to the slaying.

The eyewitness was Jenkins’ co-defendant, Derrick Taylor, who as part of a plea deal agreed to testify that Jenkins shot Brown after the two men got into an argument during a drug buy.

The problem?

Taylor is now accused of making the story up.

And his testimony…

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